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From: Trey

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Want to take your athletic ability to the next level?

Want to start throwing down sick dunks?
Want to impress your family and friends with your new-found jumping ability?
The whole point of this vertical jump training program is to get you from point A to point B.
Point A = athlete who wants to increase his vertical jump to his full potential
Point B = athlete who has achieved his full vertical jump potential
Now in order to reach your vertical jump potential you have to understand the simple vertical jump formula to success.
High Levels Of Force + High Speed Of Force Applied = Amazing Vertical Jump
So, in other words, you need to be able to gather a large amount of power in a short period of time which will propel your body into the air.
The more levels of force you can generate, the higher you will jump.
The faster you can generate high levels of force, the higher you will jump.
So, in this vertical jump training program I will show you the exercises and workouts you need to do in order to increase your vertical jump (based on the vertical jump formula to success).
I understand that not everyone has access to a gym, so I made sure that the exercises included in this program don’t require access to a gym.
I hope you’re ready to commit to this program and I hope you left your excuses behind you.
It’s time to reach your vertical jump prime!

Seriously, Isn’t it time you started to get some Results for your hard work?

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What Is Vertical Jump Prime V2.0…..?


    • Vertical Jump Prime V2.0 Is A 12 Week Vertical Jump Training Program
    • The Exercises In The 12 Week Program Consistent Of Body-weight Strength Training Exercises And Plyometric Exercises
    • You Will Get The Exact Workout And Exercises You Need To Do To Increase Your Vertical
    • You Will Learn How To Increase Your Vertical Jump Even If You Don’t Have Access To A Gym
    • You Will Learn How To Increase Your Vertical Jump Without Having To Train Every Single Day Like A Crazy Person
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Vertical Jump Prime Weight Training WorkoutThis is a weight training program for those of you who have access to a gym
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Bonus 2: Beast Mode Handles – This a ball handling program that will take your handles to the next level and beyond
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Bonus 3:
Beast Mode Motivational MP3 – This is a motivational mp3 that will get you pumped to reach your full potential in everything that you do
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